MAY 14th, 2014

Valentino Santa Monica

2nd edition


Celebrating Italian wine on the West Coast

Trends & Stats

The United States is the largest retail wine market in the world and one of the fastest growing markets in terms of both consumption and production. The market has expanded rapidly in the past few years due to increased consumption, government support, online wine purchasing, and a growing younger population of wine enthusiasts. Over 100 million people in the US are now drinking wine.

Overall wine consumption in the U.S. increased from 276 million cases in 2011 to 318 million cases in 2013, according to the Wine Market Council.

Wine Sales in the US in 2013

  • 370 million cases of wine were shipped in 2013, 2.7% increase from 2012 (both domestic and imported wine).
  • The estimated value of 2013 wine shipments is $36 billion, a 5% increase from 2012. This makes the US the largest wine market in terms of revenues.
  • Approximately 33% of sales were from imports, with California comprising 58%.
  • Wine sales have been growing at a rate of 2 to 3% per year in the US market for the past 21 years.


US Wine Consumption Rates

  • The US is the 2nd largest wine-consuming nation in the world behind France.
  • Approximately 44% of all US adults drink wine, but only 35% per capita.
  • For per capita wine consumption, the US ranks #62 at approximately 11 liters per person or 3.08 gallons. The Vatican ranks #1.
  • Of the 330 million people in the US, 101 million now drink wine.    

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US Wine Consumer Demographic Trends

  • Of adult wine drinkers, 15% are High Frequency drinkers (consuming wine at least once a week or more) and 29% are Occasional drinkers.
  • In terms of gender, 55% of American wine consumers are women and 45% are men, with more men adopting wine over the last decade.
  • Babyboomers are still spending the most on wine, with Millennials (ages 21 to 36) in second place.
  • Major reasons Americans drink wine: 1) they enjoy the taste, 2) like to pair with food, 3) to socialize with friends, and 4) to relax.

 Trends in Wine for 2014

  • The most popular varietals in off-premise continue to be: 1) Chardonnay, 2) Cabernet Sauvignon, 3) Pinot Grigio, 4) Merlot and 5) Blends.
  • The fastest growing varietals, with double digit growth, are still Moscato, Malbec and blends.  Blends include red and white blends in both dry and sweet categories. Expect more growth and experimentation in this segment.
  • The sweet spot for wine pricing is $9 – $11.99, but Americans are trading up and spending more on wine.
  • Sparkling wine, especially Prosecco, continues to be popular, with forecasted growth.
  • Syrah and white zinfandel continue to decline in popularity.
  • Favorite imported wines by value include: 1) Italy, 2) Australia, 3) Argentina, 4) Chile, and 5) France.