MAY 12, 2015

Valentino Santa Monica

Celebrating Italian wine on the West Coast



Gayot: Vino at Valentino

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Spiritsman – The third annual Vino California Grand Tasting 2013

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Social Domain – Vino California Grand Tasting

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Gayot – Vino California

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Food Ventures Calendar – Vino California

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Campus Circle – Vino California

Read More – Vino California Grand Tasting

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Guest of a Guest – Vino California Grand Tasting

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Vogue and Vodka – Vino California 2013 Dinner

Read More – Vino California Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Italian Wines

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Tipsy Diaries – A Tour of Southern Italy with Aventine Hollywood Trattoria and Vino California

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Eater LA: Vino California Continues.

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Daily News: Vino California 2013 Grand Tasting.

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LA Beat: Vino California Grand Tasting 2013.

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LA Times: Italian wine festival Vino California continues.

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Examiner: Benvenuto, Vino California.

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Examiner: Calabrian wines make a splash at Vino California.

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Examiner: Italian wine dinner at Locanda del Lago.

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